photography as lifestyle

It was absolutely fascinating to get to meet Mr. Giorgio Armani and learn few things (but with such a powerful impact in my life) from one of the greatest fashion icons which I personally admire since a very young age… I still remember, when I used to watch his interviews in Vogue, so I can have a better understanding on what’s the interest of such a great fashion designer when it comes to photography. And of course, I was and  I still feel very honoured to have been given the privilege to meet and talk with Mr. Giorgio, case for which I am always grateful to my dear great friend, Grace for making this dream reality. I still remember that day like it happened minutes ago, and, honestly,  it was a double joy, and actually quite hard to forget because it happened in the same day when I was launching my first Global Photography Exhibition which also started in London as well. I always strive to learn from quality people, especially those in the top and if there’s something that I’m forever grateful is that I’ve let my heart to take a decision and that is to become a photographer, a path that led me to so many “monsters” in the industry, fact that helped me develop the person I became today! To close this down, I’d say that everything happens for a reason, but sometimes the reason is what we choose, therefore, you must be wise, and always think that what you decide today is what you will live tomorrow.

I wish you all a great start of the week!